January 10, 2012

"Walk of Chic"

    Facebook who?...Twitter is where is at! Don't get me wrong Facebook is perfect for business, but Twitter is just more fun. I got a new follower today named @LeyendeckerLA. Leyendecker Los Angeles is a fashion line by Jessica Moss & Lisa Guajardo. While looking through their tweets I came up with this really cute youtube video. One of the worst..well maybe not too bad if you had a good night ; ) ... could be having to do that 'walk of shame.' I personally, always try to avoid that. But, hey sometimes you cannot avoid it. Lisa and Jessica from Leyendecker Los Angeles show how the walk of shame can turn into ...the "walk of chic! " I love the last look of "borrowing" the boys sweater and belt and just making a cute outfit to continue your day. Check it out I am sure you will love it!

Con Mucho Amor,

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