January 11, 2012

Preparing for those Rainy Days

(Daniela Corte ’Reversible’ Top in Eggplant, $175, Daniela Corte ’Piazza’ Leggings, $235)
Brace yourself, New Englanders!  Apparently, we maybe getting our first dip of true winter weather (read: slushy, snowy, windy Noreaster) tomorrow!  Fear not though, for we, at Daniela Corte has the easy-breezy, perfect ensemble put together for you, for whatever the weather, whatever the occasion may be.
Pictured, is our lovely Anilka, who is in a fool-proof concoction of: the seasonless cape-trench coat, the always-versatile reversible top (think: classy v-neck in the back, with a gorgeous, sparkling lariat necklace hanging gracefully on your back), plus the trusty, laundry-machine-friendly leggings.
Just add your weather-proof rain boots to your mix, and don’t forget your double-layered umbrella to block out the 65mph-wind, and you are good to go!

There's nothing better than to get a chance to play dress up at work. Today, I got to look for an outfit that will stand the upcoming winter weather that us New Englanders have not seen in a very long time. At Daniela Corte, I got to wear the cape-trench coat, the versatile top (which I fell in love with), and the "trusty, laundry-machine-friendly leggings." I have to say that with those leggings and versatile top, no one, not even the rain, can stop me! I love adding a pop of color to a gloomy day. The best part to add the pop of color would be on the lips or a stylish umbrella. In my case, I wore Revlon Siren lipstick and I loved it! Now off to play dress up with my clothes and see what I should wear tomorrow for the first day back to classes and first real winter weather. Let the little girl inside me, come out and play : )

Con Mucho Amor,

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