October 31, 2011

This Halloween be a 'Diva'

     This Halloween enjoy another editorial inspiration for tonight's events from Sasha Pivovarova Diva reenactment. Happy Halloween!!

Con Mucho Amor,

October 29, 2011

I Dare You to Look Twice!

This Halloween get inspired by Emma Watson!!
Go on..  I dare you to keep reading ; )

October 23, 2011

Can I Be Invited to That Party??

I hope you all had a weekend full of glitz and glamour, just like I did!!

Con Mucho Amor,

October 22, 2011

Boston Can Dance!

    While working in the summer I got to witness about seven different Boston dance crew come together and reherse for National Dance Day. It was such a cool experience. Wish I could dance like them!!

Con Mucho Amor,

October 21, 2011

A Little Something for the Fellas

Can you guess which one I want for myself, even though it's
 Versarce Men's collection for H&M?? ;)

October 20, 2011

Rock N' Roll Night



     Yes I know, whoever knows me knows that this is not the usual music I listen to. But, I am open to new things all the time, especially when it comes to music, fashion, or art. This weeks project included being exposed to new songs in order to showcase five different stores in Copley Place all for the American Red Cross benefit fashion show. The stores featured in the fashion show are: Elie Tehari, Porshe, Swiss Army, Wolford, and Emporio Armani.

    These are a few of the songs that we picked out to use during the show. The process of picking out the songs was fun. Something new and interesting. Be open to new things, it will make you a better person (good advice given to me by someone special).   Put on your rollers, use your brush as a microphone and "Just Dance." Enjoy :)

Con Mucho Amor,

October 18, 2011

"Think Pink"

Omg, the experience working with Betsey Johnson and her team was amazing!! Everything was fun-spirited, edgy, and PINK. Betsey was soo nice to work with. She is an adorable, little woman that is loved by everyone! It was a once an a lifetime experience...well I hope it won't be. Being backstage and getting to see each piece up close, was priceless. Betsey was my first real big designer show I have done, now I am even more motivated to go to New York and work with many more designers. It was a night I will never forget!! I LOVE YOU BETSEY!!! <3<3

Enjoy the pics :)

October 15, 2011

The Big Day is Finally Here!!

        The day is finally here!! This is not just another fashion show; it’s the day I will be backstage at the Betsey Johnson Fashion Show!! I have done Betsey shows before but this one is special. Today’s fashion show is to help the South End Community Health Center fight breast cancer, featuring a rare appearance in Boston by Betsey herself! Yes she will be there....and so will I :D

       The show will be featuring both clothes from her spring collection just shown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and items from the fall pret-a-porter collection. Will keep you posted on more later on today! Sooooo excited!! Gotta run and get ready. See yah soon :)

Con Mucho Amor,

October 14, 2011


                                                                       First Look

“Offering a collection that caters to women of all sizes is very important to me. Muse is designed to complement a multitude of body shapes, so every woman can celebrate her natural beauty and feel sexy in a gorgeous dress.”

October 10, 2011

Miranda Kerr for Harper's Bazaar Australia

     Now I wish that if someday God blesses me with a child or two, that he also blesses me with a body like Miranda Kerr! *crossing my fingers*

Con Mucho Amor,

October 2, 2011

"You need to crawl ‘fore you ball.."

       Kanye West premiered his first Ready-to-Wear collection in Paris yesterday. I have to say, I was a little disappointed in the outcome. I was expecting so much more from him. Kanye is a genius when it comes to music. No matter what he puts out, it is always a hit. That's exactly what I expected from his first collection; a HIT.  The pieces were not too bad. The slouchy silver and black leather pants were cool, showed his hip-hop side. I liked the pop of blue added to the collection. I will cut him some slack since it was his first season. I know that he has soo much more to give. Hopefully, next season we will see that Kanye West imagination and style in his clothing. It's a learning experience. I am looking forward to seeing what the future brings!

Con Mucho Amor,

P.S. Enjoy a little Kanye and Jay-Z "Paris" while looking at his collection. Night beautiful people :)

Punk Rock Meets Gossip Girl

      Boston Fashion Week is sadly over. I had a great time and experience during the week. Working behind stage with designers, cueing a show, and dressing were among some of the things I had to do during the week. Overall, I would not have changed the experience I had. Many of the collections were stunning, some questionable but still unique in their own way. My favorite show during Boston Fashion Week 2011 was by far Lily & Migs show.