September 25, 2011

Watch out...Fashionistas Coming Through

                                Seeing Double!  How cool are these tights??

     Second day of Boston Fashion Week just ended, I have to say it has been my favorite day so far. Six different designers and only one night. Models were running back and forth, dressers on the floor buckling shoes, designers pinning models in. Backstage was crazy but the audience would have never known because it went so smoothly. I had a great time working again with the five new designers from The Launch. Each designer had their own aesthetic that were well showcased on the runway.

      The second show was the one I have been wanted to do for so long, Prajje1983. Ever since last year show, I fell in love with Prajje and his collection. The vibrant Caribbean colors was all I was thinking about. When I found out that Prajje was showcasing his collection this year at the Tent, I made it my mission to be a big part of the show. That is exactly what happened. Another volunteer, Andreya, and I had the honor to cue the models down the runway. Fashion show production has never been so exciting. I was a little nervous at first, but I was ready to go. The show went so smoothly and everyone loved it! I loved it!!

   I could not take any pictures of the clothing. But once they are online I will post a few of the designers fine pieces. Tomorrow is another day of classes and shows. It is an art to balance different things. I guess it is the life of a fashionista! ;)

Con Mucho Amor,

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