December 5, 2011

"Clothing Of The Future"

While researching information for a project, I came across this video depicting what designers sometime around the 1930's thought fashion in 2000 would look like. It is amusing and interesting to see what people used to think of what we were going to wear in the future.

'Future fashions' mentioned in the clip about the future fashion were:

--the dress for every occasion    (check we have that)
--Transparent Knit to "get the attention of the guys"  (check; but not so much for the guys but to express oneself )
--Wedges will be used as heels (check)
--High-waisted belts to create a look (check)
--Electric headlights to find a honest men  (ummm thank god we don't)

After watching this video, it makes me think of what fashion will be in seventy more years. What do you think?? Will people start wearing electric headlights on their head to find the right men??.....Mhmm I wonder if that will work haha

Con Mucho Amor,

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