August 27, 2011


Amazed?? Want to see more?? Go ahead, read more! I swear it won't bite ;)

      Umm looks more like it is 4D to me. Better yet, it is Bodypainting. With all of this Hurricane Irene situation going on, I find myself listening to the rain while admiring new artist. Today’s artist is Craig Tracy. Craig Tracy is from New Orleans, Louisiana and he knows how to bring a new meaning to the saying "don't judge a book by it's cover." Most of us have seen the movie Avatar or other Bodypaintings before. But I don’t know about you, I am very amazed of how he is able to use the human body as his canvas and take it to that next level.

"It is my intent to continue to explore and expand the perceptions and boundaries of this most ancient, alluring, and contemporary art form." 
~ Craig Tracy 

       Ever since he was a young little boy, Craig always knew he wanted to be a painter. As he grew older he became fond of Bodypaintings. After years of researching and admiring other artist’s work, Craig Tracy now “Bodypaints exclusively as well he owns and operates the very first art gallery in the world dedicated to fine art Bodypainted images.” The details of each work of art and the way he is able to express each little detail of his vision through Bodypaints, is spectacular. If I ever want to get a tattoo, I’ll make sure I give Craig a call. I am sure he would like to have his Bodypaints permanently on someone for the world to see haha. Check out Craig Tracy’s website to be inspired and amazed on the next upcoming art.. Bodypainting that is!
Con Mucho Amor,

P.S. Stay safe East Coast this weekend, looks like Hurricane Irene is not playing around!

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