November 24, 2011

Gooble, Gobble


Sorry for the lack of post. I hope everyone is having a great turkey day! Thanksgiving is one of those days where we enjoy the time with family and friends. Laughter, food and music are all part of the celebration. This Thanksgiving has been very different for me. The tradition that we once had, is not there anymore. The people we always use to see during these nights, aren't around anymore; the laughters are now silent; and the dancing has died down. Time passes by and people change. All we have left are the memories. But, one thing I know will NEVER change is the LOVE I have for my family!!! I cannot wait until I get to see them all again! You can change boyfriends; you can change friends, but one thing that can never be changed is the family we were born into!! I LOVE MY FAMILY!!! I hope everyone is spending it with their love ones and eating a lot!!

Con Mucho Amor,

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